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I have been writing most of my life. Stories or characters constantly float through my mind. I was the co-leader of The Y-City Writers in Zanesville, Ohio before relocating to Las Vegas in 2014.

I, also, enjoy painting, camping, cruising and spending time with my husband and furry children. I have an ABSW from Ohio University. Though I didn't pursue a writing degree, I took a creative writing class from Daniel Keyes. 

I love to write and encourage everyone to follow your dreams. 

My writing roots

I began writing when I was a child, but didn't do much with it. While at Ohio University, I took a creative writing course from Daniel Keyes, who told me I could be a much better writer if I quit procrastinating. I procrastinated for many more years until I was in my 40's to begin writing. Then I had trouble writing the middle and the ending. 

Once I found Flash Fiction, I learned to write a complete story in under 1000 words. This prepared me for actually working on my novel length books. My novels are currently waiting for me to re-write and edit them. See I really am a great procrastinator.

I published a children's book, Mikey's Tail and a couple of my flash fiction books, Flashes From My Mind.

Currently, I have a blog about my life, My Crazy Life, in which I chat about my life in Vegas, our travels and living with autoimmune disease. 

My style

Everyone always asks this question... How do you write?

I am a pantser, which means I rarely outline. I sit down with an idea or a character and begin writing. I never really know where the character will take me, unless the character has been living with me (inside my head) for awhile.

If you want to write, I suggest to just start writing. Don't worry about mistakes, until you have a first draft, a second draft and possibly more. Just write!


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Rita L Smith

My Crazy Life

I blog about my life living in Vegas, our travels and life with autoimmune diseases.