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Stories or characters constantly float through my mind. Since the death of my second husband, my voices quieted. They are only just now starting to poke through the veil after six years. I now get creative spurts, especially in my blogs and occasionally books in progress. 

I am currently working on a book about my life to inspire others with disabilities to live. One of my passions is helping others. Since I left my Social Work position at Columbus Area Community Mental Health Center, I have been missing something in my life. I want to help those with Invisible Disabilities. I have always been vocal about my health problems in life and through my blogs and I will continue to do so. If my words help one person then I have done my job. 

Co-leading The Y-City Writers in Zanesville, Ohio led me on one of my biggest adventures. I learned so much from the Southeast Ohio writing groups. The area has so many talented people that there was more than one writing group. I was welcomed into them all. I highly recommend every aspiring writer to connect to a group. If none are available in your area start one. The lessons you learn are invaluable.

Then I had a dream that my childhood crush kissed me. I messaged him on Facebook and we began talking. Journeying across the country was just one of our many adventures together. 

In 2017, I married Ralph so we can continue our adventure. Life isn’t always easy, (broken legs, chronic illness and tempers flare, mostly mine.) but we handle it all with love.

Painting, camping, cruising and spending time with my husband and furry children are just a few of the things I love to do. I have an ABSW from Ohio University. Though I didn't pursue a writing degree, I took a creative writing class from Daniel Keyes. I am the author of Mikey's Tail.

I love to write and encourage everyone to follow your dreams. 

My writing roots


author Although I began writing when I was a child, I didn't do much with it. While at Ohio University earning my ABSW, I took a creative writing course from Daniel Keyes, who told me I could be a much better writer if I quit procrastinating. I procrastinated for many more years until I was in my 40's to begin writing. Then I had trouble writing the middle and the ending. 

Once I found Flash Fiction, I learned to write a complete story in under 1000 words. This prepared me for actually working on my novel length books. My novels are currently waiting for me to re-write and edit them. See I really am a great procrastinator.

Mikey's Tail is my first children’s book and a big departure from my flash fiction books, Flashes From My Mind.

Currently, I have a blog about my life, My Crazy Life, in which I chat about my life in Vegas, our travels and living with autoimmune disease. In the tabs under Writing I have another blog, so I can chat about writing, do movie reviews and talk about life too.

My style


Everyone always asks this question... How do you write?

I am a pantser, which means I rarely outline. I sit down with an idea or a character and begin writing. I never really know where the character will take me, unless the character has been living with me (inside my head) for awhile.

If you want to write, I suggest to just start writing. Don't worry about mistakes, until you have a first draft, a second draft and possibly more. Just write!

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Rita L Smith


I am undergoing some changes to try to prepare for my upcoming non-fiction book. I will keep writing and posting blogs.



I blog about my life, living in Vegas, our travels and life with autoimmune diseases.